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We have a history of providing expert project financing solutions that aid in executing complex projects and bringing about large-scale transformations to diverse sectors of the economy.

We are committed to excellence

Our clients can count on us to provide innovative project funding solutions and help them discover unique project funding alternatives through capital markets and trusted lenders.


Our hands on knowledge of the sector we operate in comes through in the services we deliver to our clients. We put our best foot forward always to ensure client satisfaction.

Project financing advisory

Armed with an immense understanding of the challenges associated with raising limited recourse project financing in the sectors and markets in which we operate, we advise our clients throughout the capital-raising process
We support our clients during the negotiation of the projects’ contractual frameworks to ensure that the proposed commercial arrangements are helpful in implementing an optimal financing package


We finance projects – Monumental, Large, Medium and Small. Over the years, we have gained a reputation for successfully financing projects across diverse sectors ensuring excellent project delivery